International Council on Alcohol and Addictions

Conseil international sur les problèmes de l’ alcoolisme et des toxicomanies

Welcome to ICAA!

Welcome to ICAA, one of the oldest non-governmental organisations active in the field of dependencies. Having celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007, ICAA continues to be dedicated to preventing and reducing the harmful use and effects of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and addictive behaviours on individuals, families, communities and society.

Through a range of activities at international, regional and local levels and through services provided to its membership and the interested public at large, ICAA sensitises, empowers and educates organisations and individuals in the interest of public health, personal and social well being.

ICAA believes in the exchange of evidence-based knowledge and innovative approaches. It is committed to undertake this in an independent, apolitical, inclusive and transparent manner.